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EDASA Scientific is a Contract Drug Discovery organization operating with small molecules.

EDASA Scientific medicinal chemist team is specialized in the design and realization of focused compound array against specific biological targets. EDASA Scientific matured solid bases in the H2L sector, achieving top international publications, and fully committed in adding very important and special value to its compounds, this in order to render them precious tools for fighting unmet medicinal needs.

EDASA Scientific is equipped with

  • Computational & Molecular Modeling Department
  • MedChem Lab
  • Analytical Department
  • Formatting Department
  • International Logistic Department
  • External ADME/Tox / BBB Partners

EDASA Scientific Discovery Pipeline
  • Cancer → Hit Generation → Lead Optimization
  • Antiviral (partnership) → Hit Generation → Lead Optimization → Animal model
  • Prions → Hit Generation → Lead Optimization
  • CNS (EAAT2-partnership) → Hit Generation → Lead Optimization
  • DNA/RNA-binders → Hit Generation → Lead Optimization
  • mGlur5 → Hit Generation
  • HDAC → Hit Generation
  • LDH → Hit Generation

EDASA MedChem Product & Services

  • TSP2 Technology & Platform - an original and versatile tool for a rapid and cost effective realization of customized novel (0 entries in Sci-finder) and lead-like compound arrays.
  • Hit Generation & H2L Programs - (tackling difficult targets)
  • EDASA Probing Target Tool - In-Stock Novel Diverse Small Lead-like Compound Arrays
  • MedChem Reagents
  • Drug Discovery Partnerships & licensing opportunities