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EDASA Scientific your Medicinal Chemistry Partner and Solution Provider.

  • Cutting-edge thinking.
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We deliver innovative compounds and creative solutions with considerable economies of cost and time.

EDASA MedChem Product & Services:

EDASA Scientific’s R&D site is based in Moscow State University’s Campus. As a result, EDASA Scientific has access to MSU’s facilities, as well as a broad range of scientific instruments for compound characterizations such as X-ray, bidimensional NMR, elementary analyzers, and HPLC. EDASA Scientific has access to talented MSU students and premium Russian scientists to be allocated for our collaborator‘s projects. We are also able to partner with MSU’s biological organizations for project follow-ups in biology.

We are open to exploring innovative collaborative business models and looking forward to being your chemistry partner.

EDASA Products

Since the year 2007, EDASA Scientific has been producing and supplying reagents for Synthetic Organic Laboratory, Agro and Pharma Companies.
As of now, EDASA Scientific reached 20 000 proprietary reagents with a production of 500 new chemicals per year.